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Dan Lane and Farris Gosea created the Rental Inner Circle, an exclusive premium membership community with everything you need to reach financial independence through rental properties.

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Does This Sound Like You?

You have a few rentals but you feel stuck

Your Properties Aren't As Profitable As You Hoped

You Can't Find Really Good Deals

You Want To Build A Profitable Rental Portfolio And Don't Have Time To Figure It Out On Your Own

Dan and Farris Have You Covered with Rental Inner Circle!

Dan and Farris believe that if you follow a plan, put in the work, and buy the right properties, you can reach financial independence through rental properties

Dan, Farris and our like-minded community members will give you the support you need to get you there

How do we do it? Read on...

Daily Support

Every day you'll have access to Dan and Farris and our community of like-minded investors who will answer your questions, help you find and evaluate deals, provide support to help you every step of the way.

Step-By Video Tutorials

We're creating every video tutorial you'll need to buy and manage rentals the right way. You can rest assured you're taking the right step, the right way, at the right time. We've got your back!

Resources, Templates & Spreadsheets

We've gathered every resource you'll need for success. From spreadsheets to software. We'll show you how to analyze deals, how to find off-market properties, and show you strategies to increase your cash flow.

Private Facebook Group

Have a problem with a rental? Not sure if a property is a good deal? Can't find a deal? Our community members are here to support you inside our private Facebook group.

Can You Relate To Our Inner Circle Members?


Went From A House Hack To Financial Freedom


Bought 5 Rentals In His First Year


Got Stuck At 2 Rentals. Now He's At 7


From Newby To Owning 5 Properties


Went From 0 to 1,000 rentals in 2 years

We're Here To Help!

The Rental Inner Circle Isn't For Everyone

Building A Rental Portfolio That Can Provide You With Financial Freedom Requires Hard Work, Time, Dedication, Consistency, And Money.

Overnight Success Doesn't Exist.

Inside The Rental Income Podcast Inner Circle, We Provide Every Video, Tutorial, Resource, And Support System You Need To Make It Happen.

But You Have To Be Committed To Doing The Work.

Keep In Mind: We Can't Guarantee You Will Make Any Money Buying Rentals. All Investments Come With Risk. You May Lose Money.

If This Sounds Interesting Fill Out The Application And Apply Today.

Join The Rental Inner Circle And You'll Get....

Rental Income Inner Circle

  • Weekly Zoom Calls To Help You Grow Your Portfolio
  • Access To Step-By-Step Video Tutorials
  • Become A Member Of A Thriving Community
  • Lots Of Resources, Templates And Spreadsheets
  • Private One-On-One Office Hours


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